2018 Summer Institute
Day 2: June 26, 2018
Creating Food Webs of Ocean Creatures
• Each participant will take turns adding one of their five ocean creatures
• What’s missing? Is this food web sustainable? Why or why not?
VIDEO: TED-Ed — Fish Tale : My Secret Life as Plankton
• Click HERE to watch the video!
• Discuss the role of plankton in your food web
Phenomenon 2 : Life Science
VIDEO: The Majestic Plastic Bag (a mockumentary)
• Click HERE to watch the video!
• Discuss:
– In what ways was oceanic food web interrupted?
– Are plastic bags the only issue?
– What other issues are there?
Discussion by Grade Band Level
Phenomenon 3 : Physical Science
Modeling Energy Transfer : Melting Blocks
• Guided activity to illustrate the difference between temperature and heat
• Powerpoint presentation to guide students : Modeling Energy Transfer
• Here is the accompanying student handout
• Using the “Marble Game” to model what’s happening in each tile
Extensions & Resources
• Purchase Melting Blocks and IR Thermometers here
• Original Activity from American Chemical Society
• Video : What’s Inside a Yeti Cooler (Insulator)
• Video : VonShef Defrost Tray (Conductor)
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Discussion by Grade Band Level
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Day 2 Photos
BOOK GIVEAWAY : Uncovering Student Ideas in Science
• Choose from a number of Page Keeley’s USI books
• Formative Assessment probes
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