2018 Summer Institute
Day 1: June 25, 2018
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum
Pre-Institute Assessment
Which concepts do you find difficult to teach? Learn?
MIT Study : On Twitter, False News Travels Faster Than True Stories
Read the article, then debrief by Bev & Christl
• More information on the MIT Study here.
Ice-Breaker & Introductions
“Two Truths…One Myth” Activity
Critical Thinking
• Develop your ideas using a Frayer model graphic organizer
• Time for sharing out…and to display your ideas.
Accountable Talk
• Question Stems (Ask & Claim)
• Posters and Sentence Stems
Phenomenon-based Lesson Design
• Think about something you see on a daily basis…
• ….what questions do you have?
• Qualities of a GOOD anchor phenomenon to establish coherent science sequence
Website: Phenomena for NGSS
Handout : Anchor Phenomena Criteria
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic
Review of the 5E Lesson Plan
• Teacher Moves & Student Moves
Handout: 5E Reference
Handout: 3 Dimensions of the NGSS Reference Sheet
• Online searches using www.nextgenscience.org
Station-based 5E Sequencing Exercise:
– How much of the earth’s surface is water
– Where is the earth’s water
– The Incredible Journey
– Stream Table
– Water Runoff
Augmented Reality Sandbox
• Constructed by Paul Stephens (Anne’s husband!)
• Software installation by Idea Fab Labs Chico (Erin Banwell)
• Check out the original project website here

Pasted Graphic 1
Augmented Reality Sandbox
Phenomenon 1 : Earth & Space Science
Pasted Graphic 1
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic
Phenomenon 1 : Earth & Space Science
Day 1 Photos