The Science of Climate Change
Thursday, July 21
Acid/Base Lab Using Red Cabbage Juice
Background sheet for the activity
Albedo Activity
Lamps, light meters & various materials to measure differences in incident and reflected light.
Acid/Base Lab Student Data Sheet
Student handout for testing household solutions w/ RCJ & Litmus
Video Clip : "Drive"
A lecture by Dan Pink about the what really motivates us.
"Drive" from Dan Pink & RSAnimate
Video Clip : "Makani HIgh Altitude Wind Power"
How Makani's M1 wing will produce more power than windmills.
TEDxSydney Talk Highlighting Makani Wind Power
Saul Griffith shows the premiere flight of the Makani prototype
Pasted Graphic
High Altitude Wind Power
Dr. Christina Archer Center for Ecosystem Research, CSU, Chico
Video Clip : "Mr. W"
Won't spoil it here....but we're betting you'll watch it twice!
"Mr. W" Video
Albedo Activity
CSP-INC director, Bev Marcum, welcomes new CSP executive director, Maria C. Simani with a "trash bag hug."