The Science of Climate Change
Monday, July 18
Video Clip : "Ice on the Move"
Group Activity in PHS SCI 220
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum and Climate Change Institute facilitator, Mary Anne Pella-Donnelly
Pre-Insitute Assessment
What is your current understanding of those scientific concepts related to Climate Change?
Breakout into grade-specific collaborative groups
Share your background with your group members and what you plan to gain by attending this institute.
Tell us about one of your group members (or yourself)
Demonstration of Density Activities
Various methods (hot/cold, salt, food coloring) to investigate density
The "Water Ballet"
A kinesthetic activity to help students visualize water & its properties
Pasted Graphic 1
"Water Ballet"
Ice Core Activity
Exercise in collecting data from teacher-prepared ice cores
Pasted Graphic