2017 Summer Institute
Day 3: June 28, 2017
Welcoming CSP Director
• Bev will introduce CSP Executive Director, Maria Simani
Conceptual Flow for the Week
• Anne will review how our activities have supported SEPs
Review of the NGSS
• Bev will provide a brief overview of how NGSS are constructed.
• NGSS Presentation
The 5E Lesson Plan Model
• Kristen will review the parts of the 5E Lesson Plan
• 5E Presentation and 5E Lesson Plan Template
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Project Squirrel
• Mass and prep your corn cob on a cardboard base
• Place your set-up outside in a place where a squirrel could find it
• We’ll gather them up in the afternoon and collect/discuss the data
• Here’s the Project Squirrel Citizen Science Research Guide
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Student/Faculaty Researcher Share Sessions
• CSUC graduate students will share their research projects
• Vulcanology/ Deep Sea Volcano research by Dr. Rachel Teasedale
• Potential uses of glycerine (a byproduct of Biodiesel): Dr. Lisa Ott
• Zebrafish to investigate stem cell proliferation: Dr. David Stachura
Environmental Principles and Concepts
• Dr. James Pushnik, CSU Chico
• California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) curriculum
EEI Presentation Slides
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