2017 Summer Institute
Day 2: June 27, 2017
Opening Activity : Engineering by Design
• Let’s start by making a testable model : Twirlies!
• Drop them from 2nd Floor balcony in Physical Science
• Regroup to discuss results & questions
Mystery Science
• Teaches science through storytelling
• First year FREE….
• Each story ends with engineering design
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Nature Inspired Design
• How can we utilize designs in nature to help solve our problems?
• Clips from NOVA :
• Outside to find something in nature that matches word on your “card”
• Using a jeweler’s loop, sketch something you find outdoors
• Here’s the Nature Inspired Design presentation and Biomimicry Lesson Plan
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Art in Science
• Paul Stephens on how to improve sketching things in nature
• Copies of The Laws Sketchbook for Nature Journaling for everyone!
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Penguin Population Problem
• We’ll learn to interpret data through questioning that leads to evidence
• Evidence can then be used to justify a claim
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Working with Crowd-sourced Data
• We’ll break out into two groups to explore this
• Elementary (Anne): eBird data (Presentation here)
• Secondary (Ray): Art Shapiro Butterfly Project
– using Google sheets to chart data & analyze trends
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Reliability of Information
• How do we distinguish between “real” and “fake” news?
• We’ll analyze two articles regarding the Oroville Dam crisis