2017 Summer Institute
Day 1: June 26, 2017
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum
Pre-Institute Assessment
Which concepts do you find difficult to teach? Learn?
Kick-Off Activity
• Let’s review the 3 Dimensions of NGSS
SEP Circus Station Activity followed by some Table Talk
Ice-Breaker & Introductions
“Find the F’s Activity” How many did you find?
School of Ants
• Where do ants live in our local environment? Different species of ants?
• Let’s investigate! Go out and set up your “Ant Traps” to collect data.
• And now we’ll apply it:
– Discover phenomena
– Generate questions
– Developing good research questions
– Science talk
Accountable Talk
• Let’s “talk” our data & observations from the “School of Ants” investigation
• Question Stems (Ask & Claim)
• Posters and Sentence Stems
• “Art of Argumentation” Article
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic
Exploratorium Station Activity
Citizen Science
• How can we engage students in authentic data collection?
• Resource handout : Citizen Science (NSTA Press)
• Various Citizen Science Projects
Pasted Graphic

Citizen Science
(NSTA Press)

• Grade-band posters on Citizen Science Projects
• …followed by Poster Gallery walk and Accountability Talk
Pictorial Input
• Use a drawing to scaffold vocabulary and concepts
• Let’s discuss the “Structure of an Ant”
Pasted Graphic
Pictorial Input “Structure of Ant”