2016 Summer Institute : NGSS Leadership
Opening Activity
“What’s Hot…What’s Not”

• Outside to collect 1st of THREE temperatures (Ambient & Object)
• Record in your Interactive Notebook
Etekcity Digital Laser IR Temperature Sensor (from Amazon)

Scholarly Articles Related to Urban Heat:
Science Stories
• The “story” behind why they are motivating
• Discussion & Examples
Creating Stories from Science Phenomena
• Investigate lab stations set up in each of the two rooms
• Try and think of a story that might accompany each station
• Record these in your Interactive Notebook for sharing out later
Day 2: June 28, 2016
“What Motivates Us”
• A video clip from RSA Animate
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic
Formative Assessment as “Evidence”
Probes: “Uncovering Student Ideas in Science” Page Keeley (NSTA Press)
• Leveraging technology to collect evidence of student learning: Google Forms
• Quick overview of how to create a Form…and now, your turn!
• Reviewing the data
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1:00 - 1:45 Lesson Study Video
Evidence evaluation - probability; data collection;

NGSS shifts in student responsibility, challenges,
cooperative group work

1:45 - 2:15 Grade level Discussion How this looks at different levels.
Reports - News Bulletin: Evidence Just In!

2:15-2:30 Break
2:30-3:15 Green Screen - Visualizing Science? How?

3:15 - 3:45 Grade level groups - review curriculum resources. Where are the stories? How would this fit into your teaching? Practices, Evidence, Content topics, NSTA Learning Center.
What's Hot; What's Not #3

3:45 - 4:00 Each Day Page
Lesson Study Video
• Evidence evaluation: Probability, data collection
• NGSS shifts in Student: responsibility, challenges, group work
Grade-level Discussions
• Discuss what these NGSS “shifts” may look like for your level
Green Screening Technology
• How can this tech tool help students?
• Demonstration of how it works
Green Screen Software (for iOS)
• Green Screen Kits: Fabric & Hardware 5ft x 7ft Spring Frame
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