2016 Summer Institute : NGSS Leadership
Day 1: June 27, 2016
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum
Pre-Institute Assessment
Which concepts do you find difficult to teach? Learn?
Kick-Off Activity
-Short stories on Post-it & Posters
-Debrief the activity w/whole group discussion
-Norms for the week
Break-out Sessions
Cohort 1
–Create poster showing your progress with NGSS
–you’ll share this with the NEW cohort on Wednesday

Cohort 2
–Learn how to create an Interactive Notebook for the week.
Action Activity : Whole-Group Introductions
Slinky Common Experience…by grade groups
How does the slinky move when suspended and dropped?
Leveraging technology…slow-motion camera to collect “evidence”

NGSS-ifying Lessons in 3D
–Relevance of Science to the Real World: Stories, Engineering, Integration

Integration: Helmet & Brain Common Experience

Activity 1: Egg as your noggin
Activity 2: Let’s go full size! Foam mannequin head

PocketLab: Wireless Sensor for STEM Education
• Real-time data collection/graphing…even over video!
• Measures force, temperature, pressure, altitude, acceleration
• For iOS, Android & Chrome

Resource Article:
Efficacy of bicycle helmets against brain injury
Pasted Graphic
Pasted Graphic