Physics in Balance
"Balance and Stability"
Dr. David Kagan (Physics, CSU, Chico) will discuss the physics and forces associated with balance. PowerPoint
"Art of Balance" (PDF)
"Physics of Balance & Weight Shift"
Tutorial on how artists use basic principles of balance in their animations.
Dr. Kagan's Presentation
2013 Summer Institute : Earth in Balance
Interactive Notebook Homework Follow-up
Take 5 minutes to share the two LEFT sides you completed (BCCER and homework) on the BCCER stations. As a group, select the best notebook -- that person will share their notebook using a document camera.
The Balance of Weather
Dr. Shane Mayor, professor of Meteorology at CSU, Chico, will share his expertise of how weather is created, carbon dioxide levels and its effect on climate change, as well as his work with wind and Light Detecting and Ranging (LIDAR).
Exploring the Common Core State Standards
Bev will lead us through a brief overview of the Common Core state standards and some examples of how they will be used in science.
Can Balance Be Achieved? Weather or not…"
Tom George, Physical Science teacher at Pleasant Valley High School. will discuss pressure (foot activity) and how differences in air pressure create wind. He will also lead us create a model to investigate how hot and cold fronts interact. PowerPoint