Life in Balance
Interactive Notebook (IAN) Session
Kelly will share resources and provide instructions for completing notebook pages for our Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve rotations.
2013 Summer Institute : Earth in Balance
Field Trip to Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
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Some Background about BCCER
Jeff Mott, director of BCCER, will provide some historical background of the reserve and highlight some of the educational programs in progress. Click HERE for more information from BCCER website, classroom field trips, data collection, etc.
Four Stations by Grade Level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)
Each group will spend 30 minutes at each station. Start a new "right page" in your IAN for each station.
STATION 1 : Bottle Biology Decomposition Column (Chris, Rachel & Mary Anne)
Learn about decomposition and how you and your students can use 2-liter bottles and other materials to investigate variables which affect the rate of decomposition.
STATION 2 : Ecological Sampling (Tanya Heaston)
Tanya will discuss how we can record the types of animal and plant life within a habitat by setting up a quadrat.
STATION 3 : Native Grasses (Jeff Mott)
Jeff will discuss those grasses that are native to the area and explain how BCCER is using science to promote their growth in an effort to eradicate starthistle.
STATION 4 : Starthistle Sampling & Eradication (Dr. Paul Maslin)
Dr. Maslin will discuss investigations into the eradication of yellow-star thistle and how local science students have participated in the process of data collection.
Rajah's Rice Activity
Bev will read us the folk tale, "Rajah's Rice" and then have us complete the same activity using rice and a checkerboard. This is a great example of exponential growth and the application of common core strategies.
Interactive Notebook Time
Take some time to complete the LEFT side of ONE of the FOUR stations you visited in the morning session. Some examples include a comic strip, assessment questions, a poem or song -- look to your IAN guide to find other possibilities!!