2015 Summer Institute : NGSS Leadership
Day 1
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum
Interactive Notebooks
Kelly Coombes will provide some background on how she uses interactive notebooks with her students and how you can use them to document your CSP Summer Institute experiences. We'll even provide you with a Composition book to get started.
Pre-Institute Assessment
Which concepts do you find difficult to teach? Learn?
Cohort 1
Schoology Learning Management System (LMS)
We'll use this Learning Management System (LMS) to share materials, links and other NGSS-related materials.
Pasted Graphic
Pilot Group
Share out the NGSS Professional Development you provided to your district.
What were three successes and two challenges?

Let’s share these with the rest of the group. (PHYS SCI Rm. 301)
Google Form
Common Experience
“Mr. W” video clip as an “Engagement” piece
…and a personal story that help raise some questions about Wind Turbines.
Learning Progression for Common Core
Time to work/collaborate in your grade groups
Crosscutting Concepts
Mary-Anne will share the video clip “Powers of Ten” and then discuss the importance of “Scale in Science” — complete with examples!
"Mr. W" Video
Interactive Notebooks:
- Question: Which blade shape will produce the most power?
- Hypotheses
- Data Table
Construct your Blade/Rotor
- KidWind Turbine Hub
- 1/4” Doweling (6” long) (4)
- 6” x 2” Cardstock (4 pieces)
- 1” Masking tape
Test Your Blade Rotor
- KidWind Advanced Nacelle Kit
- Voltmeter
- Collect group data using Google Forms (distributed tomorrow)
Google Sheets
Complete & Turn in “Each Day Page”