Water & Watersheds
Wednesday, June 20
Video Clips on Biology of Water
Life in a Drop of Pond Water
Using microscopes and jeweler's loupes to observe various organisms that live in pond water.
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Video : TED Talk on Lifesaver Bottle Filtration System
Michael Pritchard discusses how the 15 micrometer filtration in his Lifesaver systems can remove bacteria & viruses to produce sterile drinking water.
NSTA Reader's Guide to K-12 Science Framework
What's new in the framework? Engineering. We'll complete a jigsaw activity with one portion of the Framework for K-12 Science Eduction (link to FREE pdf of entire framework).
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"$H!†" Happens" : A Discussion of Sewage Treatment
Dr. Larry Hanne, microbiology professor at CSU, Chico, discusses the microbes that can contaminate water and the infrastructure we use to treat our wastewater.
Dr. Metcalf's PowerPoints from today:
Water Testing with Portable Microbiology Lab (Day 1)
Dr. Robert Metcalf, professor of Biology at CSU, Sacramento, discusses the use of portable microbiology kits to monitor water quality.
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