Water & Watersheds
Monday, June 18
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum
Pre-Insitute Assessment
What is your current understanding of those scientific concepts related to Water & Watersheds?
KWHLAQ Poster Activity on Water (Observation Charts)
Observational charts help to focus and motivate students as well assess their prior knowledge and model the inquiry process. Links to images here:
KWHLAQ Graphic Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3
Tell us about one of your group members (or yourself)
The Chemistry of Water -- Dr. Chris Nichols, CSU, Chico
A kinesthetic activity to help students visualize water & its properties
KWHLAQ Poster Activity
Links from the presentation:
Electrolysis Video
Observation Charts Video
Water Modeling Kits
These great kits from 3D Molecular Design use magnets embedded within the individual molecules to demonstrate water's cohesive properties (hydrogen bonding).