2014 Summer Institute : NGSS Leadership
Day 1
Opening remarks from CSP-INC Director, Bev Marcum
Interactive Notebooks
Kelly Coombes will provide some background on how she uses interactive notebooks with her students and how you can use them to document your CSP Summer Institute experiences. We'll even provide you with a Composition book to get started.
Photos from Day 1
Pre-Institute Assessment
Which concepts do you find difficult to teach? Learn?
Schoology Learning Management System (LMS)
We'll use this Learning Management System (LMS) to share materials, links and other NGSS-related materials.
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CSP is also providing this valuable resources to each participant to get you started in implementing Interactive Science Notebooks and writing in your own classroom.
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Writing in Science in Action
Betsy Fulwiler-Heinemann

Rocket Assessment
Time to see whose rocket will set the CSP 2014 distance record. As a bonus prize for the winner, that person's ENTIRE team will win a copy of Page Keeley's formative assessment book, "Understanding Student Ideas in .... Science"
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Success in Science
Arthur Beauchamp

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Lessons from Thin Air
Video from Learner.org showing how some of the brightest students can still have misconceptions about simple science concepts.
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Art of Argumentation
For homework, read the article and be prepared to discuss it!!
Day 1 Question
We’ll use a Google Form to have you write to today’s Question. Your responses will be collected and placed into a Google Sheet which allows us to quickly see/read each participant’s response at one time!